Deborah Brosnan is a marine scientist,  explorer, photographer and writer.  

NEWS- "Submerged: 19th – 30th June 2014 Naval Heritage Museum, Porto Montenegro. Opening hours: 3-10pm daily Private viewing by appointment.For all enquiries please contact Opening cocktail in the presence of the artists will be hosted on Friday 20th June 2014, from 6-8pm

Presented by Space SBH, Gallery. "Submerged" is a collaboration between London-based leading artist Nicole Etienne and internationally-known marine biologist Dr. Deborah Brosnan. It is a unique element of Etienne’s “Afterglow” exhibition. The exhibit is curated by Natalie Clifford. Submerged travels to Monaco later this summer.

Scientist Dr Deborah Brosnan has been studying and photographing the underwater world throughout her career. The sumptuous hidden landscapes that remain unknown to many, have frequently been captured by her persistent camera lens, and her unique eye.  Brosnan’s pictures reveal the mysteries of this complex and liquid realm, the interplay of wave and reef, and her dynamic and atmospheric shots capture the life-giving energy of the sea. Her images of this hidden world have served as inspiration for the scenes created by Etienne. Read more.....

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